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The Benefits Of Shaving With A Double Edge Razor

You might be wondering, “If shaving with a double edge safety razor is so great, why aren’t more people doing it?” The answer can be found in simple, yet strategic, business moves by the top shaving blade manufacturers. Let’s take a look.

When Gillette’s original patent on disposable double edge razor blades ran out in the early 1900s, the market opened up. Many other companies tried to get a piece of the profit, and the double edge safety razor became a commodity item. With more products on the market competing against each other, profits decreased.

Time to change the game. Gillette and other companies began inventing new products like the plastic disposable cartridge and double blade razors so they could outdo their competitors. These new inventions were no better than the original double edge blade system, however, they were marketed as better in order to drive profits higher. This marketing scheme continued over the years with more variations of disposable blades and cartridges bombarding the industry. Meanwhile, the double edge razor faded into the background…

Until now.

The time has come to ditch those cheaply-made plastic razors that drain your wallet, and begin shaving with a double edge razor; trust us, the benefits are worth it. Out with the new, in with the old.

For The Well-Groomed

Do you check yourself out in car windows when you walk down the street? Let’s be honest, we all do.

While the leading disposable cartridge manufactures market multi-blade products as the best, the facts favor a single blade. The concept behind the multi-blade razors seems logical, but the truth is, with each pass of a razor over your skin, the more likely you are to cut the hair below your skin’s surface. This can cause razor burn, ingrown hairs, and redness. The multi-blade razors can provide a close shave, but they unnecessarily increase the chances of harming your skin in the process. Don’t risk razor burn, you handsome hunk. Use a double edge safety razor.

Shaving With A Double Edge Razor

For The Penny Pincher

Do you stock up on Two-Buck Chuck from Trader Joe’s? If you’re pinching pennies on wine, why not save some money on razors, too?

For those who are tough to break the bank, the initial purchase of a quality double edge safety razor can be difficult. While the initial investment will cost you $70$100, you’ll save hundreds of dollars in the long run. Today’s replaceable multi-blade cartridges can cost anywhere between $4$5 a piece, whereas the a double edge razor is usually less than a quarter! Another money-saving tip: Invest in a nice shave soap and brush. Stop wasting your money on buying can after can of aerosol shave creams; most soaps will last much longer.

For The Tree-Huggers

Is your license plate frame from Greenpeace or the Surfrider Foundation?

Practice what you — and your license plate frame — preach. By slightly altering your shaving routine, you can minimize your ecological footprint. Stop throwing away plastic disposable razors and empty shave gel canisters. Invest in a double edge safety razor and a shave soap bowl that last a lifetime and recycle your used blades.

For The Mindful

Do you own a copy of Eckhart Tolle’s The Power of Now? (If not, you should!)

The ritual of shaving with a double edge safety razor is a great way to improve your mindset and get you ready for the day. Many of those who partake in the full experience of the traditional shave methods equate it to a type of meditation. The time spent going through the whole process may seem like a waste to some, but it can be a great way to relax while reflecting on the day ahead.