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Shave Preparation – 5 Essential Tips For a Better Shave

In the fast-paced world of today, it can be difficult to spend the extra time needed to allow yourself a great shave. But here’s the thing, we think you deserve a great shave every day. We came up with some simple suggestions for you to attain the shave you deserve. Just follow these five essential tips for a better shave:

Wake Up

It’s 8am and you’ve already been awake for an hour. You step into the elevator of your apartment building, press the button and wait for the doors to close. You hear a faint voice in the hallway. The elevator doors start to close. The voice gets louder and you can finally make out words: “Hold the door!” A hand juts in between the closing elevator doors forcing them to open. You rub your eyes and look at the person entering the elevator. “Sorry,” you mumble, “I’m still half asleep.”

Sometimes you need to wake up even after you wake up, and so does your skin. Instead of shaving immediately after you get out of bed, give your skin at least 20 minutes to rise and shine. Your facial skin tends to puff or swell up while you sleep. By giving your skin some time to return to its normal tautness, your facial hair will be closer to the shaving surface, allowing for a much closer shave.

Facial Cleansing

A quick wash of your face with light facial cleanser helps to remove excess dead skin, dirt and oil leaving a cleaner surface to shave. It also helps soften your hair, making it easier to shave. Leaving the cleanser on your face for about a minute will help this process.

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Warm Towel

Soak a towel in warm water and apply it to your face for a few minutes to open up your pores and soften your facial skin. This will continue the softening process started by cleansing your face.

Lather Brush

Don’t rely on your fingers to apply a shave cream or lather to the shave area; use a badger hair or synthetic shave brush instead. This will give a smoother, more even application of the lather, and will push it into places that you can’t get to with your fingers.

Shave with Patience

Allow the lather to soak on your face for about 23 minutes before putting the razor to your skin. This is necessary to further soften the hair to make for a smoother one-pass shave. Take your time using short easy strokes, and remember to let the sharpness of your blade and the weight of the razor do all the work.