Our Belief

A great day starts with a great morning. The way you treat your mind, body and soul during waking hours can tremendously impact your life. If you start each morning in a healthy and positive way, your day can be limitless. Our goal is to provide you with the tools and knowledge to get the most out of your morning ritual. Hone the morning; own the day.

Our Safety Razors

The benefits of traditional wet shaving can have a positive impact on your morning. We created a high-quality double edge safety razor at a fair price in order to introduce traditional shaving into everyone’s morning routine. Meticulously crafted out of solid copper, and chrome-plated to achieve a well-balanced weight and finish, this razor redefines smooth.

Our Mission

We don’t stop at creation. Driven by the belief that everyone deserves a great shave, we plan to donate our product to those in need. By teaming up with local non-profits in the Bay Area, we hope to freshen up the lives of the less fortunate. Help us spread the word, one shave at a time.

Benefits of Our Safety Razors

I am finally doing away with my overpriced disposable razor and I am wondering if there are any specific ways to prep for shaving with your safety razor?

There are definitely certain procedures that can help you achieve a better shave with our safety razor. The 5 main steps we recommend are: Waking the skin up, cleansing the skin, applying a warm towel to the shave area, preparing your shave brush, and taking your time throughout the prep process. If you want more details, read our 5 essential tips for a better shave post.

I have very sensitive skin and have problems with razor burn and ingrown hairs when I shave. Will your razor perform any better than my 5 blade disposable razor?

The short answer is: Yes. The problem with shaving with multi-blade razors is, they tend to over exfoliate the skin, and cut the hair below the surface of the skin by the hair follicle above the surface with the first blade before cutting with the last ones. This leads to both razor burn and ingrown hairs. Our razor is designed to eliminate these problems by only cutting with one blade right at the surface of the skin, which gives you a close shave without the irritation. Don’t just take our word for it, check out what our customers are saying about our razor here

Can women use a double edge safety razor to shave?

Yes, absolutely! Multi-blade razors cut the hair deeper than the skin layer which often results in razor bumps and ingrown hairs. Women that struggle with constant razor bumps and skin irritation after shaving can benefit the most from a single-blade double-edged razor. Read our post on shaving with a double edge razor for more details.

Can this be used to shave body hair for men?

Yes, but we recommend using the same techniques as you would use to shave your face, and do so with caution. Remember, our razors are extremely sharp and despite the safety guarded head, are more exposed than a disposable razor.  

What is your razor made out of?

Our razor handle is made of machined solid copper and the shave head is cast out of a zinc alloy. The parts are then chrome plated to add a layer of protection and corrosion resistance. This razor is perfect for in the shower use due to its meticulous chrome surface treatment. For more info on our razor click here.

How much does your razor weigh?

Weight is a very important feature to a safety razor, and after testing many designs and weights, we decided that 110 grams felt the best in our hand and had a nice balanced feel with the long handle. In order to achieve this weight, the core of our razor handle is made out of solid copper.

Where is your razor made?

Our razor is made in China at a very reputable source. We work closely with our manufacturer to ensure our product is made with precision and care, and we personally inspect every razor before it is shipped out.

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